Ken Santarelli in
XRQK's Surge studios
in Nov 2008
Ken Santarelli in our radio studios, used for
Surge; after he  transferred ownership over to us.
The truth about Ken Santarelli, of Lancaster, California.
Ken at the XRQK Radio Campus, in the temporary Surge Radio Studio

Another view of Ken Santarelli in our studios, a couple years after Ken turned Surge Radio over to The XRQK Broadcast Group
Fact is: Ken Santarelli was involved in a business dispute with a former partner with Surge Radio. The partner had control of the domain "Surge Radio.Net", Desperate, to keep Surge Radio going and out of his former partner's hands, Ken Santarelli voluntarily turned over operations and ownership of Surge Radio, to the XRQK Broadcast Group of which has been operated and hosted by XRQK Broadcast Group since mid 2000's.

After we made a success of Surge Radio in the Antelope Valley, Ken Santarelli decided it was okay to quietly steal it back from XRQK. He did this by getting Surge Radio trademarked, behind our back in his name.

No matter how you slice it, Ken Santarelli you are a thief. You gave ownership of Surge Radio to somebody else, then after we made a of success it; you decided it was okay to just steal it back.

No matter how you try to justify it Ken Santarelli, you are a dishonest to the bone, despicable human being for taking food and shelter from children; for your own selfish gain.

While Ken Santarelli, you may think you got away with it; you have not. We have plenty of legal recourses at our disposal, and tend to exercise any and all of them; at every opportunity.
Ken Santarelli, you admitted on your website for years; that you gave Surge Radio to XRQK. We have four witnesses, that were present when the transfer took place.

Exactly when did XRQK give Surge Radio back to you? Fact is: XRQK never gave Surge Radio back to you, therefore it was not yours to take.

That amounts to theft, and surprised somebody who wants to be a minister; would resort to stealing a business out from somebody.

Not everybody gets life handed out on a silver platter, like you Ken; some of us have to earn it!
Here is a You Tube Video of Ken Santarelli ending operations of Surge Radio in his own words. Posted on Nov 25, 2008
Ken Santarelli, at the XRQK
radio campus, with his Mustang.

Modified or revised history about Surge Radio, from Ken Santarelli's current website:
Surge Radio shut down operations entirely on May 7, 2007.
See the facts below
XRQK BROADCAST GROUP has file dating back to same month when Surge Radio
was turned over to XRQK but wrong year. Website remained up, because XRQK hosted it. Ken deleted that
part from an earlier history post. Ken likes to keep revising history, until it fits his lies.
Ken Santarelli, is going to be confronted by a well respected member of the Calvary soon.
Ken better tell the truth, because this person knows the truth and could end Ken's future as a minister.

Like Surge Radio, not earned!
Daddy gave it to him too!
Ken crashed it, reckless driving away
from our studio. Don't worry, dad lied
to insurance company for him.

Ken Santarelli, being the greedy,
selfish, spoiled self centered
person he is; got a little boy's micro
powered radio station taken away
from him. That is right! Ken snitched
on little Brian's radio station, just like
the one he had as a kid. What kind of
heartless person does that to a little boy? A minister like Ken, that's who.
Brian in his radio station
Ken Santarelli's ever changing truth with
history and the inconvenient facts

From Sept 30, 2011

Surge ceased broadcasting on the FM dial in mid-2006, and split into 4 internet radio channels: Surge Radio (Punk intensive Modern & Classic Rock), Brutal Surge (Death Metal/Grindcore), Extreme Surge (Extreme Metal/Metalcore), and The Pulse (Dance & Electronica). In May 2007, Surge Radio shut down operations entirely. Surge Radio's servers became the home of XRQK's Dance Hits & Underground Electronica station "Rave HD" from August 2007 until February 2009, when XRQK and Surge Radio's staff went their separate ways.
From 2012

Surge Radio's attempted relaunch under XRQK

Surge Radio's channel "The Pulse" continued to broadcast after the other channels signed off, but then in August 2007, segued to "Rave HD - The High Desert's Dance Authority", a Dance Hits formatted online station. The brand was launched under XRQK Media Group.

In early 2009, plans were to relaunch Surge Radio under XRQK, but XRQK cut ties with Surge Radio after the female members of Surge Radio's staff refused to participate in being photographed for XRQK's "hot girl" calendars and Surge Radio's program director refused to "donate" $300 to XRQK, as was demanded by XRQK management.

Rave HD, which operated from Surge Radio's server, ceased operations in February 2009. While XRQK still maintains a page for Rave HD, it no longer streams online, nor has offered any legitimate or properly licensed over-the-air broadcasts, if any, since.

XRQK still maintains a Surge Radio page consisting mainly of risque photos of scantily clad women, claiming that it is "the real Surge Radio", but it also doesn't stream online nor does it actually offer any legitimate or properly licensed over-the-air broadcasts, if any. Surge Radio no longer does any business nor has any contact with XRQK.

After the incidents with XRQK, all plans to relaunch Surge Radio were scrapped.
Means Ken had to come up with a new way to steal Surge back, which he did via trademark.
Something to Rave about
NOTE; Aug 13, 2006 screen shot, clearly shows XRQK hosting and streaming
Surge Radio programing; after ownership transfer.

Clearly we are not the first to have a business dispute with Ken Santarelli over Surge Radio.
Ken Santarelli, means when he tried to take over Surge again in 2009. As the screen shot clearly shows, XRQK had already been operating Surge Radio for three years. We simply were not going to hand it back to Ken, after our investment in time, money, equipment; and building up a successful radio station.

XRQK never asked Ken's only female partner to pose for any calendar; simply because she was not attractive in anyway and with her immoral tattoos all over her body; it would never happen.
Note: All our girls are 100% tattoo free, see for yourself!

XRQK, requested a damage deposit; because Ken's
people had a history of breaking radio equipment.

Ken Santarelli, means XRQK did not share station information when he tried to reinsert himself, an stormed off when he could not get his way for once.

Last line, Ken Santarelli, admits he scrapped plans to take over (steal) Surge from XRQK in 2009.

Here you see Ken Santarelli fudging on the dateline and facts, as the screen shot below shows. XRQK was operating and hosting Surge from May 4, 2006, which can be verified here
Ken Santarelli is currently focusing on sabotaging our business operations, because he could not steal ours or compete with us head on as a radio broadcaster. Instead of attempting to improve on his losing radio business with great programming and make a success of it, Ken would rather try an destroy ours.

Belive it or not, Ken just got his ministers license. Who remembers when ministers were required to have decent character and be honest and serve God instead of themselves? Now thanks to people like Ken; they are right up there with used car salesman, lawyers and politicians.

All equipment pictured in the studio photo to the left, was damaged by Ken's radio crew in less than six months. We had a good reason to ask for a damage deposit!
Ken never had anything to do with Rave HD, ever! Rave HD was the product of another partnership with an AV EDM DJ who set up Rave Parties in the AV
XRQK operates Rave HD as a satellite radio network on Galaxy 19 and has never ceased opeations, and still broadcast on radio stations around the world
XRQK operated Surge as a satellite radio network since 2008 and is now renamed Raving Surge, following the theft by Ken. It too is still on radio worldwide
It should read Surge Radio's former program director, Ken was never PD
after ownership change; despite his efforts to reinstate himself as such.
Thanks to all of your support and inquires, and a special thanks for the help with the archives. It does help show some gross
deception on Ken Santarelli, part. An evil unethical side came out, with Ken going after a little boy's radio station, the way he did.
For the record: Ken knew he was going after little Brian's radio station, when he snitched to the FCC.
A Minister who has known Brian since birth, intends to do something about it; Ken won't get away with it.

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